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For example, Swift Swim is affected by weather, and abilities like Water Absorb are affected by moves. So, what are all of 'em?

If possible, please try to:

  • Separate the 2 main categories (abilities affected by weather, abilities affected by moves)
  • Separate the abilities affected by weather into 4 categories (rain, sun, hail, and sand, if there's not too many in each, just ignore this)

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Sun: Chlorophyll, Dry Skin, Flower Gift, Leaf Guard, and Solar Power.
Rain: Dry Skin, Hydration, Rain Dish, and Swift Swim.
Sand: Sand Veil, Sand Force and Sand Rush.
Hail: Ice Body and Snow Cloak.
All weather: Forecast, Air Lock, Cloud Nine

Move affected

  • Water Absorb
  • Storm Drain
  • Flash Fire
  • Sap Sipper
  • Motor Drive
  • Lightningrod
  • Justified
  • Rattled
  • Volt Absorb
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