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What are all of the abilities and moves that got nerfed at somepoint? How has the moves and abilities that got nerfed impact the Pokémon that use the moves and abilities?


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This Article shows the main nerf's throughout the generations.
Also, this (credit to sumwun for the list!!) is a bigger list that showcases move changes.

Please tell me if there are some that I missed which weren't in the Article.

Extras which weren't in the article:

1. Hyper Beam Nerf: In Gen 1, Hyper Beam, if it knocked out the opposing Pokémon, would have no recharge.
This was changed in Gen 2, where Hyper Beam always had a recharge, regardless of the opposing Pokémon being knocked out by it, or not.

Hope it helped!

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You're welcome!
This answer is definitely not complete. It doesn't include the hyper beam nerf from gen 1 to gen 2.
> Tell me if I missed some that weren't in the Article.
Also, this is literally just copied and pasted from your source, as far as I can tell. Why did you even use pastebin when you could have just linked your source and said "here is a list" or something?
Here's a bigger list, but it's still incomplete. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_modified_moves