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Correct me if i'm wrong PLEASE, Just want to be extra sure.

I want to EV train a certain Pokemon so I can boost both Def. and Sp.Def. I will do so by fighting Shuckle which give off 1 EV point in both stats. My Pokemon have the PKRS & the Power Band meaning i'll get 7 in Sp.Def. and 3 in Def <--- is that correct? I never EV trained against a Pokemon that gives off 1 EV in 2 stats so it confuses me.


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If you have a Pokemon hold a Power Band and KO a Shuckle, you will gain:
8 EVs in Special Defense and 2 EVs in Defense.

  • Special Defense: 1 (Shuckle KO) + 4 (Power Band) x 2 (Pokerus) = 10

  • Defense: 1 (Shuckle KO) x 2 (Pokerus) = 2

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Thank you! Wait, wouldn't 1 Shuckle KO plus Power band give you 5? Then x2 be 10?
Silly Sam.
I overlooked it, and I remember I was multi-tasking when I was writing this answer, thanks for pointing it out. >.<
Lol just making sure. Big thanks for the answer though! Cleared my doubts! ^_^
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I would understand your confusion. I'm sure you already know that for each 4 EV points the stat(s) you're training increases by one. Nothing should be different both stats will increase no problem just make the Shuckle faint like there's no tomorrow and you'll see results.

He was talking about the EV amount, not the stat amount.
thanks for clearing that up.
Thanks guys!