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Do Ev's stop exactly at 255? Like say i've been killing magikarps for 1 speed ev, if I kill 256 magikarps, I won't gain another ev?

Then it would look like 255/255/0?

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Yes, you can't get any more than 255 EVs in one stat. This is to prevent Pokemon from becoming overpowered. Do remember that only 252 of the EVs are effective though, since 255 is not divisible by 4. So never train to 255, go to 252 and then that leaves 6 remaining EVs that you can put in another stat for one more stat point. This way, only 2 EVs go to waste instead of 6.

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You should mention that stats no longer go up to 255 from Gen VI onwards :)
Yeah I guess, though the fact that he is asking about going to 256 indicates that that info would not matter. Sometimes it is better not to over-complicate things :3
Yeah your right, he's probably not even on Gen VI :)