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Also please mention a Pokemon that can make good use of this Item.

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do you mean, whats great about a pokemon holding ROCKY HELMET?
OR, what pokemon is great for rocky helmet?
the second one

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The Rocky-helmet has the effect of causing any Pokemon that attacks the holder with a Physical Move to lose 1/6 of their health. Source

A good Pokemon to use this is Ferrothorn. This is because he has the ability Iron-barbs which causes any Pokemon that attacks Ferrothorn with a Physical Move to lose 1/8 of their health. This Ability Stacks with Rocky-helmet, and if you pair this with Leech-seed he can do massive damage to physical Pokemon.

This is also a good item for any Wall to have, but make sure they have a way of healing themselves, if they do not Leftovers is probably better.

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if someone inflicts physical on someone with rocky helmet they get hurt to. It is kind of like rough skin

haryama holds ROCKY HELMET then slacking uses focus punch. haryama gets hurt but so does slacking

a good pokemon to hold would be something like druddigon or charavana (spelt rong here is a pic
they have ability rough skin so the damage would stack

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