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I Talk to the Rival's sister but it just says "Who are you?" ... "Oh... You're Mark?" "Hey, you're doing that Pokedex thingy for the professor!" "Wow! That's the same as my big sister!'' "Go for it!" She Doesn't Tell me anything about where a swarm is.

What game is this in?
diamond its in the tag

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Here's how you do it. After you obtained the national pokedex, defeat the champion. Next go to your rival's house and talk to her sister. If she didn't tell you anything about swarms, save in front of her, turn the power off then play the game again. If you did this a few times and it didn't work, you'll have to wait until tomorrow then try again. If it still didn't work, that means there are no swarms for the day.

Hope this helps!^^

Maybe this isn't the right answer, What if his game is glitched?
Somebody asked a similar question and the game was glitched so maybe Deluxie is right?