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I want to put in a good Psychic type for my team. Gardevoir served me well in Emerald, and I've never actually used an Espeon, but it seems to have great stats. So I'm asking which is the better psychic to have.
Oh, and I am an EXTREMELY offense based trainer, so please keep that in mind.

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well, they serve somewhat similar roles. as dual screeners or hyper offense. they have both different pros and cons, so I'm going to list some of them:


enter image description here

  • one of the best abilities in the game: magic bounce which makes it a really good anti-lead and a status absorber and hazard bouncer
  • high speed and special attack making it great hyper offensive
  • one of the best dual screeners out there
  • a very huge and useful move pool, making it viable for many roles


  • very frail. 65 / 60 / 95 is meh
  • a poor defensive typing along with bad defensive stat makes it faint easily
  • generally outclassed by alakazam and other psychic types offensive


    enter image description here

  • its mega evolution is very useful, mainly thanks to the ability pixilate meaning it can use hyper voice for a 117 base power STAB hyper voice that can go through subs

  • one of the best defensively typings in the game with fairy covering psychics dark and bug weakness
  • a very good ability: "trace" meaning it can troll some annoying trolls
  • like espeon: one of the best dual screeners thanks to some great niches in trace and memento


  • only viable as a mega as its regular form is outclassed by florges defensively and almost every and espeon and alakazam offensively.
  • poor defense and hp
  • again: outclassed

    long story short: espeon is better than regular gardevoir and mega gardevoir is better than espeon (long story to be added, but I must shut to bed now)

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Great answer, too bad he deosn't care about the competetive analysis
Well, your right. But Espeon may have slightly(if not plenty) more speed than Gardevior.
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Espeon. If you can get it with its Dream World Ability Magic Bounce, all Status moves ie Poison will be bounced back, as well as things such as Stealth Rocks. It is an amazing Pokemon.

Here is a set :D

Espeon (F) @ Light Clay
Timid Nature
EVs 252 HP 252 Speed 4 Def

Light Screen
Baton Pass

(You may be wondering about baton pass, but it lets you switch without potentially being OHKO'd by common pursuit users such as Tyranitar. Since hard switching has +7 Priority, you can see what the opponent goes into, and then switch in the appropriate check/counter.)

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totally Espion, they rock!
They are an offensive trainer not strategic the only move up there that deals damage is psyshock and its weak gardevoir has an offensive naturally learned move set.
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I love using Gardevoir and since you're offensively minded like I am, I'll show you the move set I use.

enter image description here

Gardevoir (F) @ Gardevoirite
Ability: Trace/Pixelate
Nature: Modest/Timid (your preference)
EV's: 252 Special Attack and Speed, 6 HP

  • Psyshock
  • Calm Mind
  • Thunderbolt/Shadow Ball
  • Hyper Voice

Psyshock lets you hit Specially Defensive Pokémon for physical damage, and helps deal with Poison types (one of her new weaknesses). Calm Mind is for boosting your already great Special Attack and to give you some Special Defense bulk. Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball both hit most Steel types for neutral damage, so it's all based on preference. T-Bolt can paralyze and is stronger, but Shadow Ball deals with Ghosts (another weakness) and Psychic types, and the Special Defense drop can be useful. Hyper Voice gets a 30% boost in power (going from 90 to 117 base power), plus STAB (bringing it to 175 base power).

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Go Gardevoir!