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I know what mail is for but whenever I put mail on my Pokemon it shows three bubbles at the bottom. Eventually the bubbles are filled with the sprite if Pokemon. What is that for?

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Is it bubble mail?
Ya, when u put mail on a pokemon. After a while once you read it three bubbles with your pokemon's sprites appear.
so you type something up on some mail,Leave it on a Pokemon for a while,Then you read the mail and its has 3 mini so and so Pokemon on it 0_0

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Well Here is everything about

Bubble Mail

Effect: Causes Thief and Covet to fail when used on holder. Causes Trick and Switcheroo to fail when used by or on the holder. Causes Fling to fail when used by holder. Pokémon holding this cannot be placed in the PC.

Description:Stationery featuring a print of a blue world underwater. Let a Pokémon hold it for delivery.

I Look every were for a answer Gengar this is all I came up with ;)
Also I see the three bubbles your talking about maybe when the Pokemon Holds the mail for a while the bubbles just transform's into the Pokemon ?
I love Weird things ¯(°_o)/¯

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Thanks SGM ;)
Anyone find any more information please comment here ;)