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i want to find and capture all the legendaies on Pokemon y


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By the "Sea Side Cave" I assume you mean the Sea Spirit Cave. You can get one of the legendary birds (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres) there in the post-game. Look here for how to do that.

The other two locations don't have the Legendary Pokemon. Instead they both have Mega Stones if you are there between 8 - 9 PM in the post-game (once you have upgraded your mega ring). The Chamber of Emptiness (I assume that's what you mean by the "cave of emptiness") has a Banettite and the bottom of Reflection Cave has an Alakazite.

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No. There may be in the future. Know ones completely sure at this moment in time. Since the games are still new there is lots to still be discovered. Including those caves

P.s. In the cave of empty ness, you can get a mega stone after upgradeing your mega ring

I hope this helped

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There are PLENTY of Pokemon in Seaside Cave:

The Chamber of Emptiness contains only items. No Pokemon.

Yes there are Pokemon in Reflection Cave.

If you're asking if there are LEGENDARY Pokemon in these places, then the answer is no.

Hope this helps!