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Is encountering Articuno near the Chamber of Emptiness normal?

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I was going to the Camber of Emptiness for the Banittie when in the tall grass before entering the cave ARTICUNO appears (it did flee though)
is this normal?

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Yes. If you encounter Articuno 11 more times, it will appear for battle at the Sea Spirit's Den. It won't be easy though; Articuno moves around Kalos, so you'll have to be clever and corner it at a certain location.

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actually i found that you dont have to be very clever for these roaming legendaries. Other ones like thunderus and entei you sorta had to track and be lucky, but the birds i just walked around and they found me. I never once looked for him and i already have him.
Damn misclicks.
Anyway, I found Moltres annoying to track. I eventually trapped it between Lumiose City and a route, though that took time since using Fly sends it to a completely different location.