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Once day after I win fight a girl trainer on Lake of Rage and she talking about pink Butterfree


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Finding shiny pokemon is simple always a 1/8192 chance, which a few things that are manipulated.

  1. In Silver there will be a Red Gyarados ( Shiny Gyarados ) at the Lake of Rage. It's kind of like an event almost, but is really nice.
  2. The " Masuda method " makes your chances for a shiny pokemon to appear 4/8192 in Gen IV and V. So if you're playing " Soul Silver " you could use this.

But for the most part, I think they basically threw that in there because the Shiny Gyarados is actually IN the Lake of Rage.

If you haven't caught it yet, sorry for the spoilers!

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haha! that's like (spoiler alert) Gloss in Hunger Games
yeah, either shiny or barf cuz it was green
haha, I also just found a shiny electrode in my pokemon gold game (the first time you beat team rocket with the radio signal and whatnot), but it outsped me, and used self destruct before I could catch it DX
I cought the red gyarados.Named it Redos.
let's continue this on chat
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Yes you can but there is a 1/8192 chance . Masuda Method don't works here :-(