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I'm referring to the pink-bodied Butterfree that Ash's Butterfree tried to woo in the episode where Ash released it. For the longest time I thought that was the shiny Butterfee actually looked like. Looking at the shiny Butterfree, it has pink wings, pink arms and legs, and a pink mouth. Yet not the body itself.

If that wasn't the intention of Game Freak, then Why is that? Or was the intention to make the pink-bodied Butterfree look like a girl one?


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Sometimes Pokemon in the anime are different colors than the ones in the game. For example there was a golden sudowoodo in the anime but its shiny for is more of a green color.

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I'll give you that. Thanks
The Sudowoodo was golden because its trainer had put it in some machine for research but when he opened it up the Sudowoodo was golden and it ran away, or it was something like that. It's been a while since I saw the episode.