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My Caterpie evolved way way way to quickly. Why?

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Guys don't down vote him.
Wait until he gives us more info, otherwise just ignore the question or get a Mod to erase it.
I don't see how down voting will help or solve anything.
I don't play hacked games, but I just wander traded, so I guess you guys are right.

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It would help to know how you obtained such caterpie.

Normal Caterpies evolve into Metapods at Lv 7 and into Butterfrees at Lv 10.
It's tough for me to say it, because I still don't understand how/why they do it, but if it's a Caterpie that you didn't catch in game but received, it was most likely hacked/ alterated so to evolve before its time.

Let me know if this is the case, I'm quite curios!
Hope I helped!

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I just want to know if you're playing a hack or standalone game that goes by xy rules or you're really playing xy. If you're playing a hack/standalone it may be because that's the way they set the evolution level.
For example in one hack my Luxray learned Thunderpuch which normaly can't learn or the Emboar of my friend evolved into a Scoliopede which is imposibru .