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Setting: Heartgold version.
Scenario: My team of five Pokemon is reduced by one when I evict my Butterfree, Aruku, to the PC.
Question: Should I rethink this?

Butterfree (Aruku) @Occa Berry?
Ability: Compoundeyes
Nature:Naughty-Often lost in thought
Level 27
Sleep Powder

HP 76
Atk. 36
Def. 33
Sp. Atk. 53
Sp. Def. 47
Speed 46

Note: I have a Togetic in my party as well (Flying-type overlapping if I keep Butterfree)
Should I keep this Butterfree? If not, what to replace it with? Did I write this question correctly?! Am I doing this right?!

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And yes, you are doing this right!

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Answer: No. You should have as many Pokémon as possible while playing through the game.Any Pokémon can help you as you go on your journey (Unless you already have a bug or flying type) because type coverage is very important, so keep him until you have a full party and catch a Pokémon stronger than Butterfree.
Source: Experience xD
Thanks!- TBE

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