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Venonat's color, hands, eyes, mouth and antennaes are somehow similar to Butterfree's unlike Caterpie or Metapod. On the other hand, Metapod's eyes, head shape and body looks similar with Venomoth's. There might be some designs that have been interchanged by Game Freak. Or is it just me whos not good enough with Pokemon evolution? LOL

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Nice observation, but gamefreak isn't going to mess up evolution like that and then make it permanent. TBH the butterfree line make sense because that's how the evolution is supposed to go. Venonath is supposed to turn into a moth, and I don't know about moth's but I'm sure gamefreak wasn't stupid about that either

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Well I guess Gen I was a trial version of their designs. There are pokemon concepts i dont like much. Example, Poliwag's full evolution design: all frogs do not start with grown legs at their very first stage (but does with Tympole in Gen V). Another was Mr. Mime's name despite having female counterparts (Should be always 100% Male because of "Mr." in its name). LOL
Perhaps it's a weird translation. There might be a word that means "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Ms.", etc., all at the same time, and there's no equivalent in other languages. Just pitching a theory.