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The five butterflies topic is similar to the annoying flying and woodland creature subject. They are:

Venomoth! Mothim! Butterfree! Beautifly! Dustox!

So can you tell me which is best and which is worst? Like best to worst, tell me who is the first best, second best, third, etc.

If this is not allowed tell me.

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Technically Venomoth and Mothim are moths :9
Lol. They are.
So is Dustox.
Not sure about Dustox it maybe a... HA it's a... Actually i don't know :P
It's a...it.
I'm pretty sure I've seen moths in real life that looked just like Dustox, so that's what I'm going with. That leaves 2 butterflies, lol.
Not only Mothim and Venomoth are moths .Dustox is a moth too !!! lol

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Okay lets compare them one by one:


> Stats: HP 70 250 - 344 ATTACK 65 121 - 251 DEFENSE 60 112 - 240 SP.
> ATK 90 166 - 306 SP. DEF 75 139 - 273 SPEED 90 166 - 306 TOTAL-450


> HP 70 250 - 344 ATTACK 94 173 - 315 DEFENSE 50 94 - 218 SP. ATK 94
> 173 - 315 SP. DEF 50 94 - 218 SPEED 66 123 - 254 TOTAL-424


> Stats: HP 60 230 - 324 ATTACK 45 85 - 207 DEFENSE 50 94 - 218 SP.
> ATK 80 148 - 284 SP. DEF 80 148 - 284 SPEED 70 130 - 262 TOTAL-385


> Stats: HP 60 230 - 324 ATTACK 70 130 - 262 DEFENSE 50 94 - 218 SP.
> ATK 90 166 - 306 SP. DEF 50 94 - 218 SPEED 65 121 - 251 TOTAL-385


> Stats: HP 60 230 - 324 ATTACK 50 94 - 218 DEFENSE 70 130 - 262 SP.
> ATK 50 94 - 218 SP. DEF 90 166 - 306 SPEED 65 121 - 251 TOTAL-385

For now,Venomoth wins with the highest stats.

The highest praise one could grant it was "not as bad as those other bad Bug-types." Outshining the likes of Butterfree, Beautifly, and Dustox could hardly be called a talent, and Venomoth's decidedly mediocre stats and typing left it as a forgettable Pokemon despite its impressive movepool and abilities

Mothim is another forgotten Bug / Flying-type Pokemon, and for a good reason: he has a crippling 4x weakness to Stealth Rock, making him almost unviable on a competitive team. This, coupled with his paper-thin defenses and several common weaknesses, means that Mothim won't stay alive for very long. He is also slow and easy to revenge kill. It can also be said that Mothim is outclassed by Venomoth, who is faster.

Butterfree has finally become a Pokemon worthy of use. With BW's gifts to her in the forms of Tinted Lens and Quiver Dance, Butterfree has found a comfortable place in the NU metagame as the most lethal Quiver Dance sweeper available. The picturesque combination of Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, and Tinted Lens makes for a lethal combination in NU, and Butterfree's stats are just good enough to utilize these moves perfectly.

Notably, BW gave Beautifly a huge buff in the form of Quiver Dance, which, despite being an excellent boosting move, was sadly also given to almost every other Bug-type in NU. Beautifly sports an outstanding special movepool coming off of a base 90 Special Attack, which is pretty much the only good thing going for it.

Notably nothing to say but it has a very poor movepool and can be taken out by any Pokemon.

SO,I would say venomoth comes first,followed by butterfree,beautifly and dustox.Mothim is the weakest.

Hope this helps!!

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I guess I'll answer.

Venomoth: 70 / 65 / 60 / 90 / 75 / 90 BST: 450
Butterfree: 60 / 45 / 50 / 80 / 80 / 70 BST: 385
Beautifly: 60 / 70 / 50 / 90 / 50 / 65 BST: 385
Mothim: 70 / 94 / 50 / 94 / 50 / 66 BST: 425
Dustox: 60 / 50 / 70 / 50 / 90 / 65 BST: 385

Venomoth wins. Obviously. Based on BST and SAtk and Speed stats.

Venomoth: Shield Dust / Tinted Lens / Wonder Skin
Butterfree: Compoundeyes / Tinted Lens
Beautifly: Swarm / Rivalry
Mothim: Swarm / Tinted Lens
Dustox: Shield Dust / Compoundeyes

Losers: Beautifly and Dustox, as they do not have access to Tinted Lens, which is arguably the best ability for the bunch.

Tier Placement:
Well, in terms of tier placement, Venomoth tops all, being in BL2 while all the other bugs reside in NU.

Venomoth: Quiver Dance, Baton Pass, Bug Buzz, Hidden Power, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Roost, Energy Ball, Morning Sun, Psychic, Sleep Powder, Toxic Spikes
Butterfree: Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Hidden Power, Giga Drain, Psychic
Beautifly: Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Psychic, Hidden Power, Shadow Ball, Giga Drain, Morning Sun
Mothim: Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Energy Ball, Psychic, Hidden Power, Shadow Ball
Dustox: Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Hidden Power, Sludge Bomb, Moonlight, Psychic, Shadow Ball

Venomoth wins, as it has a decent sweeping movepool, as well as access to Baton Pass and Sleep Powder.

1. Venomoth. Not only can it sweep with Quiver Dance, it also has Baton Pass, allowing it to create monsters.
2. Butterfree. It has both decent SAtk and access to Sleep Powder, facilitating its sweep.
3. Beautifly. It does have access to a large range of coverage moves, but will often need to resort to Focus Sash for longevity. Also has good SAtk and okay Speed.
4. Mothim. It has good SAtk and lame Speed, but it outclasses Dustox in both.
5. Dustox. This guy sucks. Poor Speed and SAtk, and can get revenged easily due to its poor Speed.

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The answer is venomoth at 450. 45 ponts.

Mothim is a close second at about 425. 43 points

The other three are equal:385 . 39 points

Well, its funny, my computer turned off as I added a ton about the movepools, so i'm going to do the good or bad movepool and movesets thing.

Venomoth: moveset: Ok movepool:Ok. 30 points

Mothim:moveet:good movepool:bad. 30 points

Dustox Movepool:good moveset:ok. 35 points

butterfree Movepool ok moveset ok 30 points

beautifly movepool good moveset good. 40 points

So the total points for all are this:

5.Butterfree 69 points

4.Mothim 72 points

3.dustox 73 points

  1. Venomoth 75 points
  2. BEAUTIFLY!!! 78 POINTS!!!

Hope I helped!

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And one more thing: How dare you put Beautifly last? Beautifly deserves at lease second to last.
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