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I don't care for Venomoth, I truly love Dustox and I just wondered if it would be good for a team. Or if I'd be better off with a Steelix or Onix or just a Slurpuff. Thanks

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I think that really depends on the rest of your team. If you already have a bug that is similar then it might be rather useless. In general its not a pokemon you see very often though, i dont believe its stats are good enough. Maybe check out the strategy dex here on pokemon db, to get some ideas :)
Oh ok thanks

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Statistically speak no. Its stats are less than mediicore and there are many Pokemon who can do a much better job, but I like the way you think so j tried to come up wuth something to help.
So the most that youre getting out of him is his defense. Tjanks to is great resistances to grass and posion you should be okay. Also thanks to Shield Dust you dont hqve to worry about those sedcondary effects of attacking moves. Heres what I suggest:

Dustox @ Black Sludge
Calm: 248Hp/192SpD/68Speed
-Quiver Dance
-Bug Buzz
-Iron Defense

Care for an explaination? Good. Quiver Dance is like the holy grale of bug type moves. It allows you to boost that oh so low Special Attack while improving your somewhat useful Sp.Defense and Speed. Bug Buzz is going to be your STAB attacking move providing some damage to those Pokemon who dare challenge your authority. Roost is to forever keep you alive while you build up your defenses. Dont rely on it to often itll pair well with the black sludge. Iron defense was thrown.in their to boost your defenses. What can I say Dustox us a defensive Pokemon. Lol anyways mainly use Quiver Dance though because itll help you set up and trust me Dustox needs setup. An alternatuve move is Sludge Bomb as a second attacking move but it has no effect on steel types who also happen to resist bug type moves, so if yoh see one get out if there. Dont start witb Dystox as it is to weak to begin. Switch into him when weak pikemon are present. Also if their is a grass type, stat in because its has a 4x resistance to it. Thats like free setup. Also if there a defensive Pokemon, stay in cause chanxes are you both are going to be setting up. In conclusion its a horrible Pokemon choice but, if done correctly it can kick some butt and youll have fun doing it. Hoped this helped :D

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I think u were tired when u wrote this Austin XD

Le typos are real
Thanks! :D but instead of Iron defense couldn't he use Calm Mind? Since his defense is already good?
No, all if dustox's stats are abysmal.