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Darmanitan is quite the beast, with 140 base attack and good speed. Sheer Force is a great ability that boost several moves by 30%. So yes, definitely worth having.

I would go against DarthDestiny and suggest catching a normal one, not Zen Mode. With Zen Mode you need to carry a mixed attack set and probably Substitute to get yourself down to 50% HP to activate Zen Mode.

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Catch Darmanitan in front of Relic Castle instead! They have Zen Mode Ability and you can breed Darumaka later!

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Darmanitan is definitely one of the best pokemon in the game because his attack is through the roof. I would also suggests to not make him learn any special attacking moves like overheat because his regular attack will be triple his special attack. Also his other moves are good to. Like super power, hammer arm, and fire punch. Plus thrash. Having all 4 would be a good move-set.

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Read your first sentence don't you mean his attack not special attack?
Yes, I did.  Thanks for catching it.  I changed it.
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I have one and its worth it and I can provide you with a moveset :
Item (Persim Berry)
Fire Punch : Decent PP and with sheer force the power is 97.5
Rock Slide : Same reason Power 97.5
Hammer arm/Brick Break(To beat those annoying Rock pokemon) : I'd go with Hammer arm but it has a speed setback.
Thrash : A really Amazing move . Power 90 .Decent PP .

A really worth Pokemon .

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Actually, thrash is now better than you think it is.  Now it has an attack of 120 attack power.  Now he's even more awesome.
great, but i suggest changing fire punch for flare blitz, using the hammer arm option, and well, you can keep thrash if you want, but i would maybe go for u-turn instead, for hit and run strategy. also, since you don't have any status move, use the assault vest
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I would go with Pokemaster because Darmanitan can learn a variety of good moves, including both special moves and physical moves.

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