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For Pokemon Diamond? I can't trade because I don't have pokemon ruby, sapphire or emerald and I don't have platinum and I want regigigas.

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Sorry, you can't. They're only available in the gen 3 games (ruby/sapphire/emerald), or in Platinum if you got a special Regigigas from an event.

If you have them shown in your pokedex (i.e. you've seen another trainer with them during the game) you can trade on the GTS for them.

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Sorry but you cant get regice,steel,and rock unless you have ruby or emerald you need a wailord and a Relicanth than you need a few moves dig, flash,surf,dive,and rocksmash You can get dig at the fossil maniac house near fallarbor in route 114.You will need wailord as your first pokemon and relicanth as your last pokemon.For other info go to this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NycqQUPDDU0

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