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Five Pokemon Online questions and problems! Please, I need Help!

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Ok so I REALLY want to try my team on PO but heres the problem. When I click register, nothing happens. When I post a message, it doesn't appear. When I click find battle and wait for like 10 minutes, nobody comes. When I click battle this person, again nothing happens. When I accept a battle, nothing happens. I'm always on an active server (like the PO server) and I always face these problems. My team is NU. Also, how do I change between NU and OU?

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Hey I do not have an answer to your question or have the knowledge to repond to it but I'm curious, what is Your team?

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1) REgister... It's complicated. You don't really need it, but I think the button just always has been broken.
2) Posting messages: You are anonymous. Or it could be your computer blocking you.
3) Find battle - No one wants to battle you. Oh, well. It happens...
4) They might refuse or are busy. If they do, it should say in the chat box, unless they are idle.
5) Dunno. Sorry...
For all of these, maybe try updating PO. That's all I can say, I've only had PO for a couple of months. Hope I helped!

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