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I'm not sure if this should be in Meta, but if it should, I'm sorry. I am really desperate on how to use Pokemon Online, I just downloaded it a minute ago, but I have no idea what to do. I see people on YouTube post their battles, but I'm confused! It says I have to make my team and trainer and stuff, but I have no idea. If some one could give me instructions, I would be really grateful, thanks!^^


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Open Pokemon Online. You should see some options. Click on "Team Bulder". From there, choose six Pokemon. Give them their moves, items, EVs, natures, IVs, and happiness values using the options. You can also change the gender and choose whether or not the Pokemon is shiny. If the Pokemon has multiple abilities, then choose which one you want. If you want the Pokemon to be a lower level than 100 for whatever reason (Middle Cup, Little Cup, or FEAR) then change the level. You can select what Hidden Power type you want by selecting the type, that way you don't have to guess with IVs. Save your team and from there I would ask people on this site if they want to battle. I'm able to battle and help you with your team , suggesting improvements. I can also teach you the rules if you don't know them (tiers, banned items, etc). If you have any specific problems, please comment and let me know! :)

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Thanks so much Trachy!:) I'm also a bit confused with finding that server thing to battle。
After making your team, exit out of Team-Builder and click "Go Online". There you will find a list of servers. The main battling server for this site is "Pokemon Hispano" which is near the bottom of the list.
Thanks again, when I opened the server, it says I have to type in a password, does it have to be from the Pokemon DB?
Or do I just make up my own right away?
Just make up a password that you will remember. Mine is........ wait a second...............