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I mean I personally like showdown better but what are the pros and cons for using each stimulator

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  • Good shortcuts, nice interface
  • Large variety of tiers
  • Very easy to make an account
  • Suggested EV spreads when teambuilding
  • Battling animations, animated sprites, varying music
  • A nice ladder


  • Must be online to build a team
  • Server sometimes restarts
  • Lots of usernames taken :P

Pokemon Online:

- Nice teambuilder
- Many different servers that are easier to see

- Must be downloaded
- Cannot work on mobile
- Common errors with battle mechanics


Showdown trumps PO

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Server restarts when it lags too much or when they update, lol.
Pokemon online can indeed work on moblie, thats why there is an android version ._.
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Pros: Free, Many different servers to choose from, More tiers(thanks JCM),
Cons Crashes more often than PO,


Pros Doesn't really crash often,
Cons Needs to be downloaded, Not as friendly,

I'll edit as I think of things.

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PS! is more friendly than PO users, PS! has better tiers, more tiers to choose from, and honestly, the  PS! main never crashes for me.
PS! is friendly? 0.0
Yep. :P
well much more than PO from my experience T-T