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Role: Bunker Buster

Definition: Pokemon that has high attack (Physical, Special, or Both) and can learn high powered moves that counters Tanks and Walls. Consequently Bunker Busters have low defense and/or health. Tow examples are Eboar and Porygon-Z

For Eboar: More of a physical Bunker Buster due to higher ratio of physical attacks that special attacks and Emboar higher higher attack than special attack.

For Porygon-Z: More of a special Bunker Buster due to it's high special attack and can learn various move types to counter most, if not all, combinations of types.

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Here my question that I have asked that got all the roles and a 'Bunker Buster' role was not listed in the answer.

A Bunker Buster sounds like a low-speed sweeper.
Tanks are usually slower than Walls, and they're separated.
Walls are made to take hits from sweepers, so what kind of moves are you talking about that can counter walls and tanks?
E.G. Gigalith, which is a Tank. Emboar, a 'Bunker Buster', can learn hammer Hammer Arm and Low Sweep that can have devastating effect on Gigalith.

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These are called wall breakers. They are already a role so sorry about that. They are Pokemon similar to Porygon and Emboar who just smash everything very hard and can "break" walls. Other Examples are Victini with V-create

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Cool, I  guess I wasn't that far off then.
lol I like your name for it though :D
They busts Walls. Bunkers are, in a sense, a type of wall. Tanks are mobile walls with guns.
At least my name makes more sense to me.