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do you mean the background?
that and when the pokemon move around and you can see the moves
oh. can't really help you, don't have PO. :(
Well, to me, it looks like another battle simulator, or they took a battle and added the graphics to the sides. But, I'm 90% Sure thats NOT PO.
it has to be
well this is how to change your background. http://pokemon-online.eu/downloads/Pokemon-Online-themes_30.html
thanks for that bit of information
That's not PO. That's another simulator called Showdown. I use it too.

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That's not PO. That is another battle simulator named Showdown.
http://www.pokemonshowdown.com is the link.
Here are some differences:

  • Does not require a download.
  • Sprites move, moves are somewhat animated.
  • Doesn't support unreleased Dream World Pokemon.
  • Has Missingno., Random, Balanced Hackmons, and Hackmons.
  • CCs have better movesets and items.
  • One server.
  • Has a better messaging system than PO.

I've been using it too, and I like it, beside the fact that unreleased Dream World Pokemon aren't supported.

okay thanks