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I know that Striaton City allows usage of Cut outside of battle. What are the others besides that?

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In the Unova region, you don't need badges to use HMs. However, you can only receive certain HMs after you receive a badge.

  • Trio Badge: Cut
  • Basic Badge: None
  • Insect Badge: None
  • Bolt Badge: Strength
  • Quake Badge: Fly
  • Jet Badge: Surf, Waterfall
  • Freeze Badge:Waterfall
  • Legend Badge: Waterfall

At any time, Waterfall may be obtained after receiving Surf and surfing to Route 18, where Waterfall may be found.
HM06 Dive is found after beating the Elite Four in Undella Town.

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Alterations from Generation IV

>Badges are no longer necessary in order to use HM field moves.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Alterations from Generation IV

You don't need badges for that ANYMORE.