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What HMs are required to beat Heart Gold after Jasmine's gym?

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Umm they asked for what HMs are required after beating Jasmine to complete the game, and NOT what HMs required for Jasmine.

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You need:

  • Surf (for reaching kanto, dragon's Den test of Clair and in ss, whirl islands.)
  • Waterfall (to reach Kanto)
  • Strength (to get through Ice Path to reach blackthorn city and victory road.)
  • Whirlpool (to cross Whirlpools in dragon's Den and receive the Rising Badge from Clair.)
  • Rock climb (only in last parts of kanto and red)
  • Cut (for Erika's gym in kanto)

That's all.
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Don't forget HM05 Flash because you will get lost and don't find the exit in Mt. Silver without any Escape Ropes on the bag.
HM05 is whirlpool in this game. Flash is not a HM.
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  • Cut (HM01) for the tree outside of Erika's gym
    (Catch the Farfetch'd in the Ilex Forest)

  • Surf (HM03) for the Dragon's Den and getting to Kanto through Tohjo Falls
    (Defeat the Team Rocket Grunt in the Ecruteak Dance Theater)

  • Strength (HM04) for the Ice Path and Victory Road
    (Bump into the Hiker outside of Mt. Mortar/Ecruteak City)

  • Whirlpool (HM05) for the Dragon's Den and getting Lugia in the Whirl Islands in the postgame
    (Clear the Team Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town)

  • Waterfall (HM07) for Tohjo Falls
    (Item on the floor in the Ice Path)

  • Rock Climb (HM08) for Mt. Silver
    (Obtain all 16 badges)

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