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Only 2 in Pokemon Silver
- Show Bill's grandfather on Route 25 a Staryu
- Mystery Gift (not happening...)

Source: Bulbapedia/ Bill's Grandfather

This is where you get Staryu in Silver

Warning: They are RARE!!!

  • Routes 19
  • Route 34
  • Route 40
  • Olivine City
  • Cianwood City
  • Cerulean City
  • Cherrygrove City

TIP: They are only available at NIGHT (6:00 PM to 3:59 AM)

Source: Bulbapedia/ Staryu/ Game Locations

P.S. Please check the links first before saying it is wrong and whatnot. I do check before i post and research is my thing. Thank You

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and how am i getting a staryu in silver?
that is how you get it in soul silver.... how are you getting it in the older version of silver???
click the link and check the table called "Items Given". Its the same for Silver AND SoulSilver.

P.S. Check my edited answer for Staryu locations.