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I've been playing Pokémon Crystal for a while now evenly training all my Pokémon. But my Poliwhirl has been a Poliwhirl for a long time and I don't want to take it to the league (when I get there). So, I need a fast way to get a Water Stone to evolve Poliwhirl and make my gameplay a little easier. Thanks in advance (Don't tell me I shouldn't use Poliwrath).

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poliwrath(in crystal) is the best fighting type (mabye hitmonlee is better), and it cna use surf so yite.

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On Route 42 there is this trainer called Fisherman Tully. Battle him and then ask him for his phone number. Sometimes he will call you up and say he has something for you, or he wants to battle. Every-time he says he wants to battle or has something for you, go over to him. Eventually he will give you the water stone, but it can take a while. A quicker way too make him call is by changing between daylight savings time and not daylight savings time. You can do this at your house(in the game).

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Oh thank you but im on an emulator and i can't really do that