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I have a Weepinbell in Crystal, and I got a Leaf Stone from one of the free items NPCs can give you. Should I evolve it, or wait? I don't want to be stuck with Vine Whip for like the whole game until Blackthorn where I think the move remember is, and Giga Drain is post game.

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What level is your Weepinbell?

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There is no Move Reminder in Crystal, so you should wait to evolve your Weepinbell until it learns Razor Leaf (Level 42). You don't want to be stuck with Vine Whip for the Elite 4, and because there's no Move Reminder, you can't get Razor Leaf as a Victreebel. Therefore, though Weepinbell's stats are lower, its worth it to wait in the long run.

Giga Drain is better than both, so use that once you beat Erika.

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Oh. Thanks! By the way, is there a move reminder in GS? I thought there was.
Move Reminders didn't exist until Gen III.
Oh idk why I was thinking that xD
Agree with delaying evolution for Razor Leaf, as it's streets ahead of Vine Whip.

Giga Drain only has 60 base power and 5 PP in Gen 2, to Razor Leaf's 55 base power & 25 PP. Basically the same damage, but 5x the PP for Razor leaf.

Personally, I'd keep Razor Leaf over Giga Drain if you had the choice, unless you're confident that Victreebel's other moves will make up for the low PP on Giga Drain.