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Item: Power belt (increases the normal defense evs on leveling but reduces the speed gain).

Nature: Calm ( gets increase sp defense evs but less attack evs)

personality: Capable of taking hits (Increases normal defense ev gain)


altaria (gives two sp defense evs)

scraggy's power belt an personality increase the defense gain and its nature increases the sp defense gain. Altaria gives two sp defense evs.

In total, how many defense AND sp defense evs will I recieve?

nature and iv have no determination of what EVs you gain and the power belt doesnt decrease the speed evs you receive but just your speed in general so SP if you did you answer based off these things its wrong
No i didn't based my answer from this, i know that doesn't affect the EV's you gain, thanks for asking.
okay just checking :)
I have experience with EV training

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After Scraggy defeats Altaria it will gain these EV's-

Scraggy- 4 EV's Defense, and 2 EV's Special Defense.

Source- http://pokemondb.net/ev





If Scraggy had the Pokerus it will gain 8 EV's Defense and 4 EV's Special Defense

Hope this helps =P

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