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My friend traded me a Serperior but gave it a really dumb nickname, And i want to change it. How do i change nicknames??


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unfortunately, you cannot change the name of a pokemon you traded from someone else. If it's really that bad, you could trade it back, ask them to trade it, and get it again.

You could also breed to get another Pokemon of that kind (in this case, Snivy, then evolve it) to get Serperior, but of course, that takes time and I don't know if the Serperior you got was EV trained, had a specific moveset or ability, or whatever.

Does the serperior have to be a girl to breed? Because i have a guy one.
In most cases, yes. You would get whatever female pokemon you have. Though there is an exception to the rule in that you could breed it with Ditto and automatically get a Snivy that way, even though Serperior is a male.
So i can put a male serperior and a ditto in the day care and it will get a egg with snivy in it? BTW thank you for the help
Yeah, that simple.
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You will have to trade it back to him and tell him to change it. Pokemon's names can not be changed if they aren't yours.