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If you show him certain types of Pokemon, he gives you certain stones.
Show him a Jigglypuff, and he gives you an Everstone.
Show him a Growlithe, and he gives you a Fire Stone.
Show him a Pichu, and he gives you a Thunderstone.
Show him a Marill, and he gives you a Water Stone.
Show him a Oddish, and he gives you a Leaf Stone.
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This list is for Heartgold.
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Are there any descriptions to it, like maybe, it likes to sing or whatever that guy said to me? When he said something like that to me, I tried a Jigglypuff and it worked.

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If you show him a Pichu he gives you a thunderstone
If you show him a Vulpix he gives you a firestone
If you show him a Staryu he gives you a waterstone
If you show him a Likytung he gives you an everstone
Lastly if you show him an oddish he gives you a leaf stone
(sorry I don't know the exact order)

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