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I know that Toxic orb is useful because of the ability Toxic Orb. But what moves, abilities, etc go with the Flame Orb? I'm pretty sure there isn't an ability called Burn Heal....


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Flame-orb is good with Pokemon with Guts. Because Guts boosts Attack if there is a status problem and Flame-orb does less damage than Toxic-orb. Note: The Attack boost still comes! The Burn Attack drop does not occur at all, this is a common misconception.

It is also good for Pokemon with Quick-feet who are special Attackers.

It also can be useful for Pokemon with Magic-guard as it prevents then from being paralyzed, it is also a common strategy for Sigilyph to use this and Psycho-shift to pass on the Burn. The Flame orb is better because Veno-shock would do double damage if it was the Toxic-orb.