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Basically Generation 2-4 Curse had always been a ??? type but, once Generation 5 came out Curse is a Ghost type move, why?

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The ??? type does not exist in the coding of Generation I. It exists only in Generations II, III, and IV solely to be the type of Eggs and the status move Curse. Unlike other types, the ??? type is not programmed to have weaknesses or resistances.

The move Curse was given the ??? type when introduced in Generation II, likely because of its mysterious nature: it is so far the only move which differs in its use between Pokémon of different types.


Guess it was just something Game Freak did for the move.

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>The ??? type is not present in the coding of the Generation V games. This was possibly because making exceptions for a type that is used solely by a single, non-damaging move in the case that hackers would alter a Pokémon or move and crash their game had become tiresome.

Source: Bulbapedia/ ??? (type)
???'s coding does not exist in Gen V, so it's impossible for Curse to be ???-Type


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