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The question says it all.


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Go to here
ohh if you don't have platinum or diamond or pearl and you have white or soulsilver
poke transfer and trade

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Hey Death Cresselia

After you've obtaind the national dex, you can go to the house of a sealer at canaleve city.
There you will find a boy who have nightmares.
His mother will ask you if you wanna go to fullmoon iseland.
There you're gonna see Cresselia, but it will escape.
After that you can find Cresselia all over Sinnoh.

*To locate it you can use the pokeapp MARKING MAP witch you can get in the building of the poketch compeny.

Hope I helped you

thankyou you helped me aswell.
In Black or White 2 you go to the Strange House near Lentimas town and reversal mountain. after inside the house wander on the 3 floors, once you get to the top on the right  you'll see a girl talking then she will disappear. You won't be able to go into the middle room to get the Lunar wing. Go around the house a little, soon you will be able to go into that room before you do you will see the girl again, then you can go into the middle room and find the Lunar wing, after you collect the wing take it and  go to Marvelous Bridge. Run around a bit, soon you'll get stopped and it will ask if you want to raise it into the air, and then Cresselia will go in front of you, but bring a lot of poke-balls. It took me 15 to 25 to catch her. Hope I can help again.