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Becuase I would like to keep my Phanpy like it is, but I still want to have a good team.

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To be simple, majorly.
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P.S. I LOVE Phanpy!!! Nice favorite choice! :D

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hp- same
attack- donphan is 2times as much
defense-donphan is 2times as much
sp.attack-you don't need any
sp.defense-donphan is 1.5 times as much
speed-donphan is 1/4 higher

overall-donphan is MUCH stronger
even if you give phanphy an eviolite,
the defense will be the same, but sp.defense will be lower!

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I'd prefer Donphan because it has better stats. Just look Here and Right here
so you can decide. Just because Phanphys Friggin cute is nothing

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