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My friend told me that you could only transfer 50 pokemon from the dreamworld to your game, I've got now 48 pokemon and if this is true, I want to keep this 2 last possible pokemons for legendary's or very rare ones, so is this true?

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>If there are fifty Pokémon on the Friend Board that have not been sent to the game yet, the Island of Dreams cannot be visited. Due to players only being able to have one Pokémon from the Tree of Dreams on the Friend Board at a time, this would require the player to have 49 Pokémon from Pokémon Global Link promotions on the Friend Board that were not sent to the Entree Forest; therefore, this circumstance is extremely unlikely to occur. At one time before the international release of the Dream World, only fifty Pokémon could be transferred from a Global Link account; this was removed in 2010.

Yes, it was true until 2010. So now, you can get as many Pokemon as you want.

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nope your friend is lying i had send way more than 50 Pokemon in my Pokemon Game.
Well the 50 Pokemon limit was true until 2010, but know it's 2012 so the 50 Pokemon limit is removed. You can get as many Pokemon as you want!

Hope this helped =P

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