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  1. Enter all info on the Pokemon.

  2. Go to File> Click "Save Pokemon (from tabs)"> Save it under the Pokemon's name
    >(NOTE: For organizational purposes only.
    You can save it as "ugyiretfglot54po78tg" if you wish)

  3. Go to the appropiate site:


PokeGTS/ Upload 5th Gen


PokeGTS/ Upload 4th Gen

and Click Browse> Find the file of the Pokemon> open it> Click Submit (next to Browse).

>(The site you choose depends on the GAME, not the pokemon. If you are uploading a Garchomp to your White, use the first site (5th Gen). The other is for uploading to D/P/Pt.)

  1. Go to your game's Wi-Fi Settings, set your DS' DNS server to (just the Primary DNS) and visit the GTS in game to retrieve your pokemon. Please have a full party (or the Pokemon can glitch up. I know from experience.)

  2. Go to your PC and find it. Enjoy.


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MUCH better.
If you don't mind me stealing your question, (:3) how do how save the data after entering all of the information of the pokemon?
@Yes: Read step 2:

Go to File> Click "Save Pokemon (from tabs)"> Save it under the Pokemon's name
@UberPwnage Actually, I'm not getting all of those options. I went to Select Pokemon, entered all of the info there, clicked submit stats and that was it. Nothing happened after that. Am I doing something wrong?
Edit: Nevermind lol I got it
Isn't that hacking?
It clearly is hacking, but most people find it convenient.
I cannot find the submit button AND do you need your exact ID or will the pokemon just act weird if its not and is arceus in diamond version?
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simply open the program and then put in the stuff you want. (i.e. ivs, evs, moves, items, O.T., pokemon, shinyness, ect.)

Still a rather complicated program to use.....
Anyone know how to put these things on your DS????