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In pokemon black,I've checked all of Route 1 , but all i found was,
Lillipup, Patrat Lv.2 - 5!

no one gets your question...hello people he said where do you find lvl 1 pokemon
We did get his question already.

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There are no wild level 1 anywhere in the wild. However, you can get them by hatching an Egg. The Pokemon that hatches out of an Egg will always be at level 1. If you have a level 1 Pokemon in another game, you can use the PokeTransfer to transfer a level 1 from D/P/Pt or HG/SS, or simply trade with someone else for a level 1 Pokemon.

Thank you, couldn't have said it better myself!
No worries; happy to help!
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You could hatch an egg. Also I believe Regiggas Is at Lv. 1 in D/P (Dont know about platinum). Not sure if that helps though.

1. You don't **find** an egg, you **make** an egg.
2. He said in **Black**, not **D/P/Pt**.
you can get a level 1 pokemon by transferring
Regigigas lvl 1 is in Platinum, Regigigas is lvl 70 in D/P.