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In B/W version, I have a Tynamo that will soon be an Eelektrik, and am getting a Murkrow soon. The thing is, I don't know where to find the elemental stones. Where are they?

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Dusk Stone
Route 10- It one of the items on the ground.
Mistralton Cave- On the 2F.

Thunder Stone
Route 9- Go into Shopping Mall Nine and someone will give it to you with a gift.
Chargestone Cave- On the B2F, on the ground again.

Remember, you can just look this stuff up easily so don't ask these type of questions.

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you can also find the stones in dust clouds in caves
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You can get a Thunderstone from The Shopping Mall Nine. First you see this worker, builder. Then you talk to him and he will give you a Thunderstone. You can get a Dusk Stone in Route 10, You just go to the tall grass. (You have to battle trainers there.) Finally, you see this black, brown guy. Talk to him and he will give you a Dusk Stone. Hope this helps!