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I have this Level 100 Gliscor and I hatched him from an egg (It has DW ability) and now im at the move rememberer and no egg moves are there. I've had a egg move Skarmory Level 100 and i could see his egg moves but he didn't have DW ability. I'm assuming the problem is DW?


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You can't remember egg moves from the move relearner.

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then how did i remember them before with my Skarmory? And how do you know this?
Are you sure that they were egg moves that your Skarmory could relearn?
I know move relearner Mechanics. They don't teach egg moves.
Are you sure you would like to forget ____ for stealth rock?? Yes. Thats what came up.
The hell? Your game must be screwed up. They are only supposed to give you level up moves.