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I know i can use Battle Items (ex: X Attack) like Potions, just using it on them.

But... If i give an X Attack (or any Battle Item) to a Pokemon TO HOLD and send them to battle, will it activate in any time during the battle in any way??

Berries can be used by the Player and in battle (Ex: Sitrus Berry), and i don't normally use Battle Items.

Please & Thank You!!

>X Attack X Defend X Special X Sp. Def
>X Speed X Accuracy Dire HIt Guard Spec.



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battle items won't activate IF YOUR POKEMON HOLDS IT.
You have to USE it during the battle

How do you know this??
I'v played a lot (personal experience)
I'd like to point out that poke'mon will not use man-made items( like Max Potions, Full Restores, etc.). Only items like berries.