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  • Where it can be found in Challenger's Cave


  • B1F, on a rock north-west of Ace Trainer Terry (hidden)

Max Potion

  • B1F, north of the stairs to B2F (hidden)


  • B1F, north-west corner


  • B1F, south end of bridge

Timer Ball

  • B2F, under a bridge in the south-east corner

Black Belt

  • B2F, east of Oval stone

Full Restore

  • B2F, on a rock near the north-east corner (hidden)

Star Piece

  • B2F, on a rock in the south-west corner (hidden)

Max Ether

  • B2F, on a rock north-west of south-east corner (hidden)

Heart Scale

  • B2F, on south end of island north-east of Veteran Julia (hidden) (Requires HM03 (Surf))

Oval Stone

  • B2F, middle of long island north-east of Veteran Julia (Requies HM03 (Surf))


  • B2F, in pit west of Veteran Julia

Rare Candy

  • B2F, on rock west of Veteran Julia, south-east of Protein (hidden)

TM71 (Stone Edge)

  • B2F, east of Protein

Source: Bulbapedia/ Challenger's Cave

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