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I need to know if there is something special in that cave like a legendary or an item


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No rare pokemon but tm71 stone edge, 1 pp up, 2 rare candies, 1 oval stone, 1 black belt, 1 full restore, 1 timer ball, and 1 protein. Also, you might want to have flash and surf handy.

Also be ready to fight a lot of ace trainers
I must say - wow.
How did I remember all that?
you can find there following pokemon : Graveler B/W 47-49
                                                           Lickitung B/W 49-50
                                                           Sableye B/W 49
                                                           Mawile B/W 49
                                                           Boldore B/W 48
                                                           Woobat B/W 47
                                                           Riolu B/W 49-50
                                                           Shaking/Bubbling spots
                                                           Excadrill B/W 47-50