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I was about to ask this question for White 2. Ah! Ninja'ed by about 20 hrs...

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The Challenge Cave was meant to be a cave were strong trainers came to train their Pokemon but in Black and White 2, many new features were added making the challenge cave completely useless. In morality, the Black Tower/ White tree hollow are where the strong trainers come to test their skills.

At the looks of it, the entrance collapsed and wasn't removed

It has genuinely just been replaced for the Black Tower/White Tree Hollow.

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I personally always liked to think that there was some massive seismic shift between Black and White and Black 2 and White 2 that caused the collapse of Challenger's Cave the the majority of Victory Road, as well as the rock slide that destroyed route forty, and perhaps even created or revealed some of the new terrain (the new Victory Road, the Humilau area, etc.)
Brotad, go work for Game Freak xD
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The Challenger's Cave is an area within Route 9 which does not open up until you have completed the Elite Four. This cave was designed for strong trainers to come in and train their Pokémon against high-levelled wild Pokémon and a variety of strong trainers. It is collapsed in the time of Pokémon Black 2 & White 2
So the reason it is 'blocked' in Black 2 is because it has collapsed. The reason in Black why it is blocked is because it's only for worthy challangers! :D