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OK, so both have monster Atk, though Garchomp has much higher speed, Dragonite has better defending stats in general. They both have quite a wide movepool, and both have a crippling weakness to Ice, but Dragonite has more weaknesses and... THIS IS CONFRUSING!Prease help!

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They're both good. But garchomp better like you said about weaknesses here's a nice moveset for it:
fire fang(ice weakness)
Dragon claw or dargon rush(if your feeling lucky)
Crunch/Ariel ace/brickbreak/stone edge
and if you have dragonite:
Fire punch(ice coverage)
aqua tail(rock coverage)
brickbreak/Ariel ace/stone edge

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i would say garchomp cause garchomp can beat a dragonite as its speed is is like light and dragonite defense is good but it's attack is OK but if garchomp attacks first it wins the match !

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and as dragonite is part flying garchomp can use a rock type move to KO it

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Basically both are fantastic Pokemon with a total base stats of 600 each. I faced the same problem but now i would personally suggest Dragonite holding Yache/Persim Berry with the following moveset:
Outrage-STAB, great power, advantage of high atk., coverage against dragon types,high acc.
Hidden Power(Fire)/Flamethrower-high acc.,great power, main for coverage against ice types
Hurricane-STAB, great power, what else?
Earthquake-Used to deal with rockies,high acc. and great power

Garchomp is likewise great with speed and atk
i recommend the following moveset for Garchomp holding Yache berry
Earthquake-great power, STAB, high accuracy
Flamethrower-Powerful, high acc., deal with ice types
Dragon Rush-Powerful,STAB
Stone Edge-Powerful, Gives edge over ice types

Well the decision to use either remains in your hands.

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If you want a speedy, powerful pokemon then Garchomp.
If you want a strategic pokemon that can learn a wide range of moves then Dragonite.
By the way, it's not about who can beat who, it's about what weaknesses, disadvantages, and advantages they have. Both have a 4x weakness to ice.

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