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Yeah, my Archeops has this ability that is bugging me so i need a good way to use it.

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>Defeatist hasn't just prevented Archeops from being overpowered, it has turned Archeops almost into a non-threat, due to its excessive frailty and vulnerability to many super effective attacks. It also discourages the use of Archeops' most powerful attack, Head Smash. Sadly, it is the only ability Archeops can obtain, and while it is difficult to work around, doesn't make Archeops entirely neutered.

Source: Smogon/ Defeatist

There really is no way to get around it except with Skill Swap or Mummy, but how many Cofagrigus will you see?? It is too situational. And Skill Swap, by the time you get to do that, he might be dead.

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best way i have is to get rid of it first fight with a pokemon with mummy to pass it on to the opponent then on to Archeops

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