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If you make your pokemon to hold
macho brace or the power EV enhancers,
or use speed stat moves like agility,
will it affect the "RUN" rate?

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No the only items that effect the Run rate are the Smoke-ball, Fluffy tail, Poke-doll, and Poke-toy which guarantee running away. And No increasing/decreasing speed with status moves do not effect Run rate.

Source: Experience and http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Escape

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wow you seem to know everything about "speed" huh?
LOL, just about XD I do love the speed stat, but I am sure there is something I do not know, but because of this site I learn more about Pokemon every day :) I hope your enjoying the site too :)
"Wow, you seem to know everything about 'speed' huh?"

*takes out of context and lols