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NOTE: the following question applies to all move weakening berrys.

The description for the Yache berry says that it weakens a super effective Ice type move, but will it weaken an Ice type move used on a pokemon that is not weak to ice? Also, how much does the berry weaken ice type attacks when it activates? Thanks in advance - Swagg

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  1. No, only Pokemon that are weak to Ice, like Dragonite. On Pokemon that are not weak to Ice, like Flareon, the Yache Berry will have no effect.

  2. By Half.
    >Halves the effectiveness of a super effective Ice-type move. -Bulbepedia

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It halves the weaken ice type attacks when it activates, as for the question if it will activate when an ice type hits a pokemon not weak to ice the answer is No.

I just tested Froslass with Yache berry hit by an avalanche of vanillite, it did not activate.

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