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  1. Can shiny Pokemon appear? And if so, can you recruit them?

  2. I beat the game, and my starter, Oshawott, didn`t evolve. If they can evolve, how can I do that? Is there something else I have to do?


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>Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
In this installment of Mystery Dungeon, Ho-Oh can be encountered as a Shiny Pokémon. Should this happen, it will use different moves and overally be more powerful.

It's met on a job request and is non-recruitable. Since PMD: Gates hasn't been released for that long yet, it's not clear if shiny Pokemon will appear. However, I haven't seen any reports of shinies in Gates, so I would assume Ho-Oh is a one-off like Celebi in Explorers of Time/ Darkness.

Bulbapedia - Shiny Pokemon

>After the player returns to Pokémon Paradise and completes one dungeon, both Pokémon and recruited Pokémon may now evolve if the player chooses to evolve them inside of dungeons.

So as you level up in a dungeon, as long as you're at the correct level, you should evolve.

Bulbapedia - PMD Gates to Infinity

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My level is 42. The first time I entered the dungeon, I was level 41. It also only asked to evolve the recruited and not the starter.
Hmm, maybe there's a part of the game that you haven't completed yet? It might be just a small section but that would be something that'd hold back evolution.
One of your enemies in PMD: Gates to Infinity is a shiny Toxicroak. Jus' thought I'd say..
Oh right one of Muuna's minions? I didn't realise it was shiny, since I didn't have a normal Toxicroak to compare it with...
Yep, that's the one~
I figured it out! I never reached the part where you make the wish for your actual starter to come back to the pokemon world.